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COMMAXION specializes in cellular M2M technology and strive to be one of the best suppliers of GSM/UMTS M2M products & services for your business and organization. As such, we distribute a comprehensive range of high quality wireless M2M modules & terminals targeted for various application & market with their own unique needs and requirements (cost, performance, regulatory compliance etc.). We also work closely with our partners to provide the supporting accessories, design & application reference documentation, software development kit (SDK) etc. to make sure that your R&D & system integration team are always backed with excellent support & documentation by COMMAXION - Your Trusted M2M component vendor and technology partner.

Cinterion Wireless Modules
Cinterion TC65T

GSM/UMTS M2M Modules

Enhance your electronic product and solution offering with cellular communication capability in no time using our range of GSM/UMTS M2M modules.

These modules can be interfaced & integrated with your embedded system at PCB board level to enable reliable data communications between your systems and devices throughout worldwide GSM/UMTS network.​

Select from a wide range of GSM/UMTS M2M modules distributed by COMMAXION that are designed to fulfill different needs and applications, including full range of Cinterion M2M modules series - Advance, Evolution, Value & Automotive. ​

Advance series:

Designed for high speed M2M needs (UMTS, HSPA, backward compatible with EDGE, GPRS, GSM)

Evolution series:

Offer scalability, backward & forward compatibility, easy path for future upgrade and added functionality.​

Value series:

Industry standard M2M feature set, optimized for single application usage and vertical market.

Automotive series:

Designed to meet high requirement of automotive industry, manufactured according to TS16949 standard.

General Features (depends on model):

Frequency range: Dual, Tri, Quad & Five Band​

Data Standard: HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, GSM​

Innovative Technology: Java, GPS, SIM Access Profile​

Interfaces: Serial, USB, I2C, SPI, ADC/DAC, GPIO etc.​

Network Integration: Full Type Approval (FTA)​

Regulations Compliance: RoHS


GSM/UMTS M2M Terminals

Looking for a FAST lane to tap into the M2M world? Integrating cellular GPRS & SMS capability into your system and solutions has never been easier & faster with our range of GSM/UMTS M2M terminal.

These terminals featured a smart plug and play solution without sacrificing the innovative features, technology & performance offered by M2M modules, while reducing the integration time & effort significantly.

​COMMAXION distributes both high performance & cost effective range of GSM/UMTS terminals from leading M2M technology provider such as Cinterion (Siemens) & SCHMIDT.

General features (depends on model):​
Frequency band: Dual Band, Quad band
Embedded Processing: Java(TM)​
Data Standard: GPRS (Class 12, Class 10/8)
Data Transmission: CSD, SMS, Fax, TCP/IP
Antenna Interfaces: SMA, FME (Antenna)

Interfaces: Serial, I2C, SPI, GPIO, ADC/DAC etc.

Approval : Full Type Approval (FTA)


Cinterion (Siemens) MC55iT

Following up the successful TC35i/MC35i (obsolete) Terminals, MC55iT comes as a new generation of GPRS & SMS Terminal from Cinterion (Siemens). Based on the powerful MC55i wireless module platform the improved terminals offer additional functionality while remaining compatible with its predecessors (TC35i/MC35i).


General features:

Frequency Band:  GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Data Standard: GPRS multi-slot class 10/8

Control: Control via AT commands, TCP/IP stack access via AT commands

Internet services: TCP server/client, UDP, ICMP, DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3

Other Services: Voice, SMS and Fax

Antenna: FME  connector (Male)

Approval: Full type Approval (FTA)



COMMAXION offers very competitive price for bulk purchase of Cinterion (Siemens) MC55iT  terminal for your project usage. Contact COMMAXION today to find out more!



If you are currently using TC35i/MC35i-based modules or terminals in your design/solution/system, check out below link to assist your migration from TC35i/MC35i to MC55i-based module/terminals.


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