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Professional Services

Understand the complexity and technical expertise required to implement complete M2M solutions into your business and projects, COMMAXION is always here ready to work together with you to make your path to M2M world an effective & smooth journey. In addition to our comprehensive range of M2M modules and terminals product offering to meet your specific requirements, COMMAXION offer high value added services in the domain of M2M covering integration support, professional consultancy and project delivery.

COMMAXION Integration Support Services(CISS)

COMMAXION Consultancy & Project Delivery (CCPD)

You have a great system/solution and you need to make it greater through M2M capability integration. Getting the modules/terminals is essential, and getting COMMAXION Integration Support Services (CISS) will be highly effective & beneficial. COMMAXION provide excellent R&D & design in support for your R&D team to expedite your in-house product development and M2M integration. This includes OEM projects, from low volume specific development to complete product solution development. COMMAXION Integration Support Services (CISS) is your highway to rapid M2M capability integration into your products, solutions, POC (Proof-of-Concept) and your next exciting project.​


Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Utilities meter reading can be much more effective and efficient by incorporating M2M capabilities into the meters. Making the meters 'talk' to your centralized control system gives you full control over the grids and open up new possibilities to improve the process & accuracy of consumption measurements, reduce operating cost, and prevent unnecessary losses due to unlawful tempering/modification to the meters.​

Get COMMAXION to work together with you to open up these new & exciting possibilities and bring your business to next level of profitability!​​

Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)

Effectiveness & Efficiency doesn't come naturally with the growing size of your vehicle fleets. It's only when you make full use of the information on your fleets location you will unleash the full potential of your fleets. Getting the vehicles report their location to your control center enable your business making informed and better decision pertaining to fleet management. Get's your vehicles and dispatch system 'talk and collaborate' towards a greater business performance.

Consult COMMAXION today and start taking control on your vehicle fleets!

Telemetry and SCADA system

Remote data collection and remote system monitoring & control using SCADA will never be easy & effective without a reliable wireless connectivity. Let the cellular M2M technology bridge up the connection and make the information and system control totally in your hand. Maximize your connectivity coverage area while minimizing implementation effort, time & cost are just part of the advantages offered by cellular M2M technology.

Contact COMMAXION and let's work towards widen your Telemetry and SCADA control territory today!

You have a great idea and business model that would be enabled with M2M technology, and you need the technical expertise and professional project delivery services to turn your idea into action and result. COMMAXION Consultancy & Project Delivery (CCPD) services cover a comprehensive range of services including system design & consultancy, project management, hardware & software system development, deployment and post project support & maintenance. Project delivery services are managed by PMP certified project manager supported by COMMAXION's talented and highly qualified service delivery team. Engage COMMAXION Consultancy & Project Delivery (CCPD) services today and turn your visionary business idea into reality!

smart metering
vehicle tracking, fleet management
SCADA, telemetry, telematics
SCADA, telemetry, telematics
​​Anti-Collision system

Anti-collision system is a system designated to avoid the risk of accidents that may caused due to human error or faulty equipment​. In order to prevent unfortunate events, the system is able to track the position of the implemented vehicle. Moreover, it has the ability to transmit data to a Standalone system for meticulous measurements and calculations. The system is configurable with all types of industrial sensor which provides a lot of flexibility. The addition of this system is a huge relieve to the user and it could save a lot of costs and even act as a life saving system. Click here for more info


Contact COMMAXION as we are an eager party to work together towards your desired high reliability anti-collision system!

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